Williowbrook Wildlife Center teams with U.S. Wildlife to save hawk
Posted on: August 30, 2010, by : Mario

U.S. Wildlife Removal Service is proud to announce that the Coopers Hawk taken to Willowbrook Wildlife Center on 8/2/2010 has been released and made a full recovery. The injured hawk was found under a Lemont residents deck and refused to leave. The injured Lemont hawk sat for hours after being placed on a bird bath to monitor his disposition. The hawk was rescued shortly after it was determined he would not be able to take flight on his own. Upon approaching the injured bird of prey he was very easy going and perched with no problem. Video of Hawk His foot was inoperable and tried to flap however couldn’t talke flight. Willowbrook Wildlife Center hydrated the hawk, proceeded with rehabilitation and let the beautiful hawk return to majestic flight, soaring in the sky overhead.

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