Why professional animal proofing is important in Illinois
Posted on: August 16, 2010, by : Mario

Trust your saftey agianst wildlife with professional animal proofing

One of the biggest surprises with wildlife removal in the DuPage county area, particularly animal proofing, is customers opting to wait on animal proofing or do the wildlife exclusion themselves without the experience of wildlife habits or their ability to get past barriers thought to be strong enough to keep them out. Plenty of animal proofing repairs and wildlife exclusion attempts done by home owners, are often homes that call back a second time to take care of the nuisance wildlife control issue.

Here skunks were getting through homeowners mesh
Here a deck had to be opened up to extract skunks that were getting past home made exclusion

Video* Eye to eye with a skunk under a deck

using solid materials to animal proof
Here the deck was proofed for life with a steel grate

We once had a client call at 3am because the homemade raccoon proofing did not hold up to the raccoons determination. The raccoon entered the residence gaining access to their 4 year old sons room. The residents were very thankful the child was not in the room at the time of the encounter. Animal control typically deals with dogs and cats so we arrived in less than an hour to remove the raccoon. This was an emergency wildlife situation that could not wait till business hours.

Animal repairs done by using improper materials or not utilizing enough enforcement are often times the leading cause of animals simply pulling off the well intended effort of homemade exclusion and regaining access. Sure some animal proofing make look good and seem as if they may work however we have plenty of raccoons or squirrels willing to test that under educated theory. It’s baffling the number of our animal removal clients, that will pay a few hundred dollars to pay an internet and cable bill or spend a thousand on new car tires yet skimp when it comes to protecting their home, their most valuable asset and also their family’s safety and health over spending a couple hundred dollars on professional animal exclusion work. We compare this to someone with no experience trying to replace the engine in their car with no training. It simply can not be done with 100% assurance with out experience in animal behavior and entry abilities. The damages caused in an attic are FAR more expensive than an engine replacement on a vehicle. You can probably throw an auto painting service in the equation and still not be up to par with the attic restorations that need full insulation replacement and damage repairs.

Just recently we posted this video raccoon comes into bedroom of when a resident had a raccoon gain home entry through a hole made in the roof. Opting to take care of this the least expensive way, a radio was blasted in the attic for days and then his roofer friend sealed the hole after the few days of the radio session. The next day the raccoon came crashing through the ceiling in his bedroom destroying his entire bed room trying to escape, urinating and getting raccoon feces on clothing and bedding. U.S. Wildlife Removal Service was called for animal removal and removed the raccoon, removed raccoon feces in the home and disinfected the everything to kill raccoon contamination as well. These are just a few wildlife removal instances that became dangerous scenarios by homemade wildlife proofing efforts. Let a professional that is accredited and experienced in animal exclusion that produces guaranteed work protect your family and home from wildlife. Yes animal removal specialists may need to keep business doors open by making a profit on services however just as any other service, quality work deserves compensation and you can never put a price tag on your family’s guaranteed safety or home security. Find a competitively priced company with a solid track record to animal proof your home and you will never regret ensuring your family with guarenteed saftey.


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