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Humane and Dependable Squirrel Control

 humane squirrel trappingLooking to stop squirrels from living the good life in your attic? This time of year  squirrel Control is at one of its two yearly peaks. Squirrels can really destroy an attic space with their gnawing, trampling insulation and nest building properly known as a drey. Squirrels typically enter through attic fans, attic vents, soffits and by chewing directly into your wood or roofing. Many times these holes made by squirrels allow water to enter causing water damage and mold. Unfortunately homeowners insurance typically does not cover rodent damage. For this reason it is imperative that you get rid of the squirrels as soon as they are found to be in an attic. Our squirrel control is a full service wildlife control company offering odor removal, squirrel exclusion work and damage repairs. These after services help in stopping future squirrels from being attracted to the now vacant den. Many customers we get look for squirrel extermination however squirrels by law can safely be relocated with out finding their way back. Squirrel extermination by definition would mean to get rid of squirrels by lethal methods, we only employ lethal removal when all other options are not available for the given situation.

Getting squirrel removal done correctly

 squirrel control
Here you can see not even a roof can keep determined squirrels out

Squirrels in the surrounding areas are a diurnal species, meaning these squirrels are awake during the day and asleep at night. So most attic noises during the day are a product of gray or fox squirrels living in your attic. Although fox squirrels are larger the gray squirrel is far more aggressive. Most squirrels will make fast entry through soffits, by chewing fascia boards and slipping under attic fans and vents. Humane squirrel trapping is the first step in  squirrel removal. Squirrel trapping is usually done inside of attics or on roofs, traps outside are set where the squirrels are entering to catch the exact squirrels that are the cause of the problem. In one squirrel removal call, traps placed over holes caught almost a dozen squirrels in 2 days. Humane squirrel removal from attics to get rid of squirrels for good is only the first step to protecting your biggest investment, your home! Squirrel removal should always be followed up with squirrel proofing, it is a must to keeping squirrels out of a home permanently. Typically the surrounding towns do not offer pest squirrel removal from the village. Squirrel trapping and squirrel proofing your home is best done by an experienced professional squirrel removal specialist.

Squirrel problems in your home

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Trapped squirrels in an attic

Squirrels in homes can present immediate problems. Squirrels in attics chew wires that can cause electrical fires. As a fact, 30% of home fires are caused by chewed electrical wires. Openings can also cause water leaks that cause moisture damage to your home. Dead squirrels in walls can present another problem in homes aside from costly dead animal removal. In the surrounding counties the native type of squirrels to the area can fall down walls and die as a result of not being able to climb up the smooth inner dry wall. Dead squirrel removal in usually consists of cutting open walls to extract dead squirrels carcasses. Dead animal odor treatments must be utilized to remove dead animal odors and bacteria in your home. Another problem squirrels in attics present is attracting other larger native animals such as raccoons. Squirrels can start a problem that if not taken care of quickly, can turn into a huge home damage and health hazard by raccoons taking over. When your squirrel removal problem becomes upgraded to raccoons living in your attic bigger problems arise.

Potential squirrel diseases

Squirrels diseases that transmit to humans easily in the Illinois area are not very common. However squirrels can contract rabies, although rabies cases in Illinois squirrels is rare. DuPage county squirrels showing aggression, have trouble moving normally in or act un-squirrel like should be not taken lightly. Squirrels can also carry parasites, which are possibly lethal to small children. A Wheaton Illinois squirrel was recently reported acting oddly and was trapped to be sent for testing. Fatality in humans from internal diseases and parasites such as protozoa, ascaris worms, tapeworms is a possibility. Ticks and fleas on problem squirrels in your attic can also transmit spotted fever, bubonic plague and other diseases as well. Squirrel fibroma is also a disease in squirrels carry, which is viral and produces numerous tumors on the skin. If you think you may need squirrel removal, don’t hesitate to call. Diseases transferred to humans is rare but not impossible.

Best plan of action to remove squirrels from your home

Call us, were a A+rated company with decades of squirrel control experience. We have thousands of squirrel removal calls and issues. squirrel trapping done with out experience can lead to hard to catch educated animals. With everything, you get what you pay for and going for the “cheapest” bid at times leads to the cheapest service and the expense of calling in a second company to clean up the animals and mistakes from the “cheaper” company. Proactive squirrel proofing needs to be enforced immediately in homes and should be planned out thoroughly before squirrel removal from a home is completed. Make sure all squirrel exclusion work has a competitive guarantee. Also utilizing an odor treatment and disinfectant spray can help with future animals smelling the animal smell and trying to enter your home. Squirrel control can be stress free with the right experienced, accredited company.