Naperville, IL

Naperville Squirrel Control

 Naperville squirrel control Have squirrels invaded your home? Squirrels can cause huge nuisance issues when a home is sought after to nest inside. Squirrels will gnaw and crew to make an attic suit their needs. This means that electrical wires and structural beams are included in this squirrel adaptation to your home. We provide expert Naperville squirrel control by first providing a home assessment of where the squirrels have entered. This is typically were traps are set for a few reasons. Most homeowners work at the time of our squirrel control servicing so if traps are placed on the exterior close to or over the entry point, the animals are accessible at all hours of squirrel removal operation. Secondly the traps are much easier to check from the exterior so the home owner doesn’t have to enter the attic to check squirrel traps. Once the first part of our Naperville squirrel control is compete and the squirrels have been removed, we move on to the second step for complete squirrel removal.

squirrel control in napervilleThe second step of our Naperville squirrel control services are locating vulnerable areas and sealing them up along with the entry point made by squirrels. Repeat squirrel issues are not uncommon as residual smells will linger and attract new animals to the now vacant den site. This can be eliminated with odor removal however it is not guaranteed that it will stop nuisance squirrels. Our squirrel proofing is second to none. All of our squirrel exclusion work is done with hand crafted steel to conform and blend into your home seamlessly while still providing the ultimate protection. Call us today if you are in need of expert Naperville squirrel control services. We can help.