Fall Squirrel and Raccoon Control
Posted on: September 20, 2015, by : Mario

Squirrel and Raccoon Control in Naperville

squirrel and raccoon removalThe fall is now upon us. During this time many nuisance wildlife and potential pest animals are preparing to start a winter nest so they can be safe and warm when the cold weather hits. When the cold weather comes, it forces these animals to find safe den sites and places to live. This causes conflict where there is many humans. These animals are focused only on living and surviving. The conflicts arise when these animals are trying to enter homes because they’re warm safe and dry from predators and elements. When these animals enter the home, large holes are made which many times lead to water damage is, as well structural damage including ripped open roofs, gnawed structural beams, electrical wires being chewed, insulation being crushed, drywall being damaged by urine or water etc. These issues for a homeowner are very costly and when dealing with squirrels these issues will have to be paid for out of pocket. Considering homeowners insurance does not typically cover squirrel damage, considering squirrels are rodents. Raccoon damage however is typically covered under homeowners insurance especially when raccoons have trampled attic insulation crushing it. Crushing the insulation is considered structural damage because insulation is part of the home structure, when this insulation is crushed 50% of your heating and cooling bills will rise for energy efficiency loss. We provide squirrel removal, raccoon removal, skunk removal and all other types of wildlife removal when wildlife has caused a problem in or around your home. Squirrel control is typically needed in the late summer/ fall months and in deep winter months when squirrels start breeding and nesting preparing to have their new young. You’ll notice squirrels in distinct sounds over raccoons by their very particular noises of running. The running is very fast and quick paced and they will leap and bound back-and-forth playing and chasing each other. This noise is typically done during the daylight hours as squirrels are diurnal, not nocturnal, as raccoons are. Raccoons distinct noise would be a very slow prodding movement, almost human like as they walk around very heavily on the drywall above in the attic. Raccoon noise will typically be heard as they are entering from eating all night which would be as the sun starts to rise and when they leave at night when the sun starts to go down, as raccoons are nocturnal meaning they are awake and active at night. We provide raccoon removal is well as squirrel removal for all types of situations involving squirrels and raccoons creating a nuisance problem around a home business or property. If you’re in need of squirrel trapping or raccoon trapping, give us a call today. We remove squirrels and raccoons from attics, chimneys, under and inside sheds, in garage spaces, under front stoops and other enclosed areas where they like to try to find shelter and become problematic in doing so. After our squirrel and raccoon removal is completed, we will offer you an estimate to provide animal proofing which is custom cut handcrafted steel to close up all entry points made by the raccoons and squirrels and also secure vulnerable points so future animals do not return later if they smell the den as residual smells will linger behind from the previous animal problem.