Spring Time Naperville Wildlife Removal
Posted on: May 4, 2014, by : Mario

Spring Time Naperville Wildlife Removal

Are you looking for spring wildlife removal services? As spring is here wildlife removal needs begin to peak drastically, as all animals from birds nesting in vents to raccoons birthing litters of babies in attics begin to become more active with the warmer weather.

Wildlife control services in Naperville at this time consist of bird removal from exhaust vents, raccoon control from attics, squirrel trapping, skunk removal from under decks and sheds and most of all animal proofing and exclusion work to keep animals out for good.

Another very large wildlife removal need this time of year is dead animal removal. Dead animal that have died under decks or stoops begin to emit smells and attract flies as the warmer weather approaches. We provide dead animal removal services for these situation and also offer odor removal options.

Raccoon control and removal is huge. Mother raccoons will nurture their litter of baby raccoons almost anywhere. This includes in garage rafters, in attic spaces, crawl spaces, in hollow trees, under decks, stoops, sheds and porches. Raccoon removal this time of year almost always ends with raccoon baby litter removal. A typical litter of baby raccoons is 3-5.

Squirrel control is also a concern. Squirrel removal from attic areas is on the rise as squirrels are creating nests, or more correctly called dreys. Squirrel removal usually hits 2 peaks of activity as grey squirrel and fox squirrels have 2 litters per year. If you want to get rid of squirrels we have solutions for you. We also have guaranteed exclusion and squirrel proofing services.