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Naperville Skunk Control Services

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Naperville skunk control services
All the skunk babies and mother removed in one visit

Naperville, IL When skunks have dung under a deck or concrete stoop there is only one solution and that’s humane skunk trapping. We get rid of skunks and provide skunk removal for the Naperville area as well as offer odor removal and skunk exclusion and proofing. Skunk odor has a strong sulfur base which smells like fire, its no wonder many homeowners call the fire department or gas company before calling us for professional Naperville skunk control services. Skunks typically have 5-12 babies and yes, baby skunk do spray. We get the question a lot, do baby skunks spray? Baby skunks will and do spray at anything that moves unlike the adults who can be removed at times with no odor.

Our Naperville skunk control services are always humane as we understand both sides, we have been sprayed before so we know how bad skunk odor is and we also see the continuing development forcing skunks to find a home else where to survive. We always offer skunk exclusion services after skunk have been successfully removed, controlled, trapped, evicted and stopped with Naperville skunk control services. If no skunk proofing is put into place your Naperville skunk removal service was only a temporary solution and soon the vacant den will be filled by a new animal. Its the law of nature, where one void is another will fill it. We also provide more then just live skunk trapping, dead skunk removal is a huge need as well. Unfortunately skunks seem to find places to bury under when seeking a final resting place, just as opossums and raccoons do. Usually this is a deck or stoop that call for the dead skunk to be dug out and removed or the home smells like a live skunk continuously spraying daily as the spray sack rots away soaking into the concrete foundation. No matter what your skunk removal problem is, we remove, trap, evict, control and stop nuisance skunks from being a problem. Call us today for A+ rated Naperville skunk control services.