Lisle, IL


Lisle Skunk Control & Trapping

Skunk control lisleLisle, IL Lisle skunk problems are increasing more and more with very few natural predators and with no human hunting or trapping pressure skunks are free to breed and grow rapidly with no form of population control. Lisle skunk removal is not free and nuisance skunks in the Lisle and surrounding areas have large litters of baby skunks, sometimes up to 12 babies in one litter. This combination makes a very pro breeding situation, allowing skunk number to rise year after year. Only when an outbreak of rabies happens does the skunk numbers start to diminish. Skunk trapping by professionals on such a low scale is by no means skunk control and does not diminish the skunk population enough to make Lisle residents skunk odor or skunk problem free.

At U.S. Wildlife our record is 12 baby skunks removed from a single den during summer, the time when skunk babies are born and raised. Our record for skunks trapped in Lisle is 9 skunks in one day from 2 traps at an abandoned den site. The skunk den was abandoned by the mother and the baby skunks were left scrambling all over trying to find food and shelter with out guidance on their own. Lisle skunk removal is a very needed service for skunks living under concrete stoops. When a skunk has sprayed under a concrete stoop the skunk odor soaks into the concrete and makes its way into the connected home. This smell has actually caused home owners to warn the surrounding neighbors and call the gas company for a gas leak when the actual smell was the sulfur in the skunks odor. So yes, skunk odor is that bad if a skunk sprays under your stoop and if you have been unlucky enough to experience this, you can actually taste the sulfur. If you are a Naperville resident and have questions on Naperville skunk removal or have question on skunk odor removal please feel free to give us a call. We can provide skunk trapping services as well as skunk proof your deck or stoop with our signature wildlife exclusion work.