Wildlife Exclusion & Animal Proofing

Wildlife Exclusion

wildlife exclusionWildlife exclusion work is almost always necessary after trapping has been completed. Many homeowners are under the impression that wildlife trapping is the cure or solve all to their nuisance wildlife issue and this is simply hardly ever the case. Wildlife by evolutionary design will take over any vacant den that has been deserted. Vacant dens that create shelter and safety are not easily found so when a den site is found with out an animal defending the area they will immediately take advantage of this open area. The reason these areas are even more attractive now, if an animal had never lived there before is the residual smells left behind. Hair, blood, urine, feces, glands, musk and animal parts taken in as food will all be very attractive odors to passing wildlife. This creates a revolving door effect.

What methods and materials do not work for animal exclusion

  • Concrete poured in a trench around a concrete stoop

  • Bricks and pavers around decks and stoops

  • Chicken wire or hardware store bought hardware cloth

  • Plywood over roofing entry points or wood in general 

  • Gimmick repellents and deterrents 

Squirrel Proofing

squirrel proofingSquirrel proofing is best done for attic fans & vents, weak soffit and fascia areas, the pocket where a soffit meets a roof, louver vents, peak vents, exhaust vents and chimneys. Our squirrel proofing stands out from the rest because of the high quality materials we utilize and the craftsmanship used in our custom steel fabrication to fit any problem area with stellar aesthetically pleasing looks. Typically your average handyman will nail some aluminum flashing over a hole, maybe some wood, wire mesh or sheet metal and feel the work is worth payment. Unfortunately squirrels chew though all of these materials, hence the reason you may be reading about squirrel proofing because these are the very materials homes are built with that squirrels will gnaw through. Our squirrel proofing typically comes with a 5-10 year guarantee depending on the structure we are securing it to. For squirrel exclusion work we offer 3 grades of material that appeal to a budget yet are still all effective and come with an animal proof warranty. We ensure any squirrel exclusion work we look, equally looks great along with being done the right way, every time.

Skunk Proofing

Skunk proofingSkunk proofing is probably the most utilized service we offer. Skunks can seriously alter living conditions making a home unbearable until the skunk odor is removed. When a skunk dies under a concrete stoop the odor is released over a long period of time as if a live skunk is continually spraying. Concrete soaks this odor up and will permeate it through a home causing clothing to smell along with carpeting and furniture. Our skunk proofing is done with the same super high grade steel grate that we use with our squirrel proofing and skunk proofing. We recess this grate underground and anchor it to the structure harboring the skunks be it the concrete stoop, deck or shed. When done correctly with proper sizing and anchoring this can guarantee your stoop or deck to be skunk proof for the life of the structure. Our skunk proofing is also great for keeping out opossums, chipmunks and rabbits from going under structures as well. We recently added a new higher grade under ground steel fence to our line of skunk exclusion systems. This system is very rigid and is pounded right into the ground with out any digging. This system is fantastic for areas where roots may he damaged by digging.

Raccoon Proofing

raccoon proofingRaccoon proofing is by far the most diverse. Raccoons will dig under decks and stoops just as skunks as well as climb to 2 and 3 story heights to enter an attic the same as a problem squirrel would. Raccoons can swim, climb, jump, dig, run as very fast speeds and boast more bite pressure then a pitbull with a powerful body and claws. Actual raccoon exclusion services truly are limited to a select few wildlife control companies that actually understand all of this and can actually raccoon proof your home with out creating an unpleasant mess of “animal proofing” that will not hold up to the power and intelligence of raccoons. We specialize in raccoon exclusion for garages, sheds, roofs, decks, stoops and all other areas with raccoon problems. Call us today for the best in raccoon proofing for your home.