Chimney Cap Services

Chimney Cap Services

chimney cap servicesOpen top chimneys can be an open door invitation to wildlife looking for refuge. Bats, chimney swifts, raccoons, squirrels and birds (even large owls) are all attracted to the open top of an uncovered chimney. We offer wildlife proof chimney cap services to close off all types of chimneys when animals have found the open void to take refuge in.

Squirrels in chimneys are typically by accident. Squirrels typically will investigate the open top of the chimney and fall in. Unable to grip the clay surface they become stuck and need to be helped before they die of starvation and dehydration in the flue area below. Fortunately squirrel removal from a chimney is not impossible. We safely and humanely remove the trapped squirrels and professionally provide chimney caps that are guaranteed against squirrel entry after installation.

Chimney swifts are a complete different process when nesting has occurred due to an uncapped chimney. Chimney swifts are beautiful birds that create mud nests on the inner walls of the chimney, very similar to that of a swallows nest. Chimney swifts must be handled correctly to ensure the adult chimney swifts are not removed before the babies have begun flight and no longer are dependent on the adults. Our chimney cap installation for chimney swifts is completely different from caps installed for larger animals due to their small size and ability to fit in small gaps. If you hear screeching loudly in your chimney, this is a clear sign you have nesting chimney swifts.

Raccoons in chimneys are a complete different matter.  Raccoons will come in and out nightly treating the flue area as a den. Typically staying the duration of the winter, raccoons will then have their young in the spring and raise these young until they are large enough to leave on their own. We provide raccoon removal from chimneys and securely raccoon proof the open end of your chimney with quality and durable chimney caps that are proven against the strength of raccoons.

If you are in need of chimney cap installation due to nuisance wildlife problems or would simply like to have a chimney cap installation done to prevent future problems, give us a call today. All of our chimney cap installations are provided with a warranty against all future wildlife issues.