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• Animal Trapping

When it comes to animal trapping we have all your removal needs covered. From the day to day squirrel, raccoon and skunk trapping procedures to trap smart animals and high skill level species such as fox, coyote and beaver our experienced is beyond excellent and always yields successful and satisfactory results. We have animal traps ranging from basic cage traps to our very own self modified traps to suit all animal trapping situations as no one trap or trap set will be effective for all situations, this is where true trapping experience shines beyond the drive up baited cage set services. If your having a problem that needs animal trapping or have had failed attempts at trapping an animal, never give up hope we can help you today.

• Bird Removal

Birds just like other wildlife species find some pretty difficult tight spaces to nest. Our bird removal has taken us from attic vents to attics with some pretty surprising finds. Bird removal is best done when allowing birds to see themselves out, this insures total bird removal when one way exits are used over bird entry holes. Aside from bird removal in attics and vents we can also perform bird removal from inside of homes and businesses where birds have accidentally flown in and can not find the exit on their own.

• Soffit Proofing

Soffits are one of the top spots for animal and bird entry. The reason being is because these areas are enforced to keep rain out and nothing else. The area that meets the roof is the very worst as with out soffit proofing the panels typically open up like a “doggie door” and fall back behind the animal leaving almost no trace until prolonged use has bent the pocket. Our soffit proofing is done in a few ways from a basic patch service with galvanized steel mesh to a high quality custom fabricated steel grate insuring entry of nothing for 10 years. Soffit proofing is one of the top recommended services because the fact ALL nuisance animals take advantage of soffit pockets.

• Chimney Cap Installation

We offer chimney cap installation to keep animals from nesting in your fireplace area when unused. When animals decide to take advantage of an un-capped chimney feces, urine and hair start to eventually make its way into the home causing horrid smells, allergic reactions and even worse, toxic parasitic feces in the case of raccoons. We install chimney caps immediately after animal removal to make sure you have no other animal in chimney issues. Contact us today for chimney cap installation.

• Damage Repairs

Damage repairs from animals are so vast they could have their very own website as all nuisance animals present a unique damage causing problem. Soffits get destroyed and need soffit repair, support beams in attics get gnawed down to nothing causing support problems, roofs get torn open causing water and mold damage, siding and gutters are easily torn off by raccoons, wires are gnawed by rodents and squirrels causing home and business fires and the list goes on and on. If your need any animal damage repairs contact us today, we can speak to your insurance on your behalf to insure claims are processed correctly and not denied as well as provide all damage repair services and hazardous waste removal.

• Roofing Repairs

Squirrels at times will go through roofs however raccoons tearing through a roof are the main culprits. Raccoons locate weak areas or rotted areas tearing their way straight into the attic area in a matter of minutes. These roofing repairs are vital to stop other animals from entering as well as stopping water damage and possible mold growth. We offer emergency roof repairs as well as full roofing services. Your roof is your homes shield, an animal should never be allowed to break your homes safety barrier. If your in need of roofing repair call today, we can help.

• Odor Removal

Odors from animals are a constant problem. From bird nesting to skunk spray and raccoon smell odors are not only offensive but attractive to other animals especially when animals have been removed leaving a vacant den place. We have several types of odor treatments for skunks spraying siding, skunk odor permeating a home through a concrete stoop, dead animal odors, musty nesting odor, squirrel and raccoon odors in attics and more. If your looking for odor removal and elimination call us today to find out which application best suits your animal odor removal needs.

• Attic Insulation Restoration

Attic insulation restoration from raccoon damage is a damage covered under home owners insurance. Damaged home insulation is a huge hit on energy bills such as heating and cooling as attic insulation is set to keep outside temperatures from entering the homes living space. With damaged insulation outside temperatures can enter the home making temperature not optimal to living stressing heat and a/c usage. We offer full attic insulation removal and attic insulation replacement. If you feel you may need attic insulation restoration call today for an attic insulation evaluation and estimate.

• Feces Removal

Feces removal is usually done for bats, pigeons and raccoons. All toxic feces carrying species. Bat guano removal and pigeon dropping removal are essential in stopping histoplasmosis from transferring to humans. This is a spore that when inhaled through dust causes lung disease. Raccoon feces is a carrier of raccoon round worm, a parasite that attacks your central nervous system. With out feces removal these eggs can lie dormant for years with over 22,000 in one single gram of feces only being destroyed by fire. If you have any of the mentioned species and need professional feces removal services call today.

• Bird Proofing Vents

Exhaust vents, dryer vents and peak vents are all places of entry for birds. Entry where nesting is brought in to accumulate to levels beyond imagination.  Once birds are removed we offer bird proofing for vents either out of plastic baskets or steel grates custom cut.

• Concrete Stoop Animal Proofing

Concrete stoop animal proofing is out trademark service and the most prided upon as we have formulated a system so perfect that it is aesthetically pleasing as well  effective in keeping animals out from under a concrete stoop, anyone with a skunk or dead animal under a stoop can appreciate an animal proofed stoop with a lifetime guarantee. Our concrete stoop animal proofing always is recessed underground so even the best of diggers can not get past as well as anchored to the concrete so strong nuisance animals like raccoons can not pull off the exclusion. See photos for our concrete stoop animal proofing to get a visual understanding of its extreme effectiveness.

• Attic Vent Animal Proofing

Attic vents are made of weak and thin metal. All nuisance animals can chew right through metal and in the care of raccoons can tear an attic vent right off. We offer attic vent animal proofing from the inside with a steel grate so in the event the vent is completely torn off entry is still not a possibility with out chewing through the roof. Attic vent animal proofing is effective in homes that have constant animal problems due to attraction and smells left behind.

• Peak Vent Animal Proofing

Peak vents are a large open area that attract bees, bats, birds, squirrels and raccoons. All animals like to take advantage of these large entry points into the attic space. We offer a few levels of peak vent animal proofing depending on size of vent and budget ranging from galvanized mesh to steel grate material custom fabricated. If you have any peak vent animal proofing questions call today for a quote or question.

• Nest Removal

Nests from little birds can reach enormous sizes. We have had nests up to 6 feet high spanning across entire portions of attic spaces from little starlings and sparrows. Little birds go unnoticed as they daily keep building their nests eventually reaching sizes that can not go unnoticed any longer even causing bird mites to be seen in homes. We can take care of any size nest removal in any area the nest removal is needed and can also disinfect the area and have pesticide treatments done to kill lice, ticks and mites.

• Deck Proofing

Our deck proofing is done in the same manner as our concrete stoop proofing. Our deck proofing is done by digging a trench, anchoring steel grates to the deck base and securing all other openings such as corners and under stairs to keep animals out for good. If your in need of deck proofing to keep out skunks, opossums, feral cats or raccoons we can help. Our deck proofing is guaranteed up to 10 years against animal entry.

• Dead Animal Removal

Dead animal removal can happen almost anywhere. From crawl spaces, behind walls, under decks and stoops, under sheds, dead animal removal is a pretty wide range service. At times we must cut open dry wall or perform a complete dig out under a stoop to have a successful dead animal removal servicing or smells will continue to persist. If you need dead animal removal pictures and detail will help give accurate over the phone quotes.

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