Lisle, IL

Lisle Raccoon Control Services

 Lisle Raccoon Control ServicesHave raccoons been causing issues in or around your home? Raccoons are known to cause a number of issues; attic damage to insulation, feces accumulation, dens under decks and stoops and destroyed vents from attempts at gaining access into a home that can lead to water damage or even insect and rodent infestation. Our Lisle raccoon control services will eliminate your raccoon removal needs and stop raccoon damage to homes before major repairs are needed if raccoon trapping is started early enough.

Lisle Raccoon Removal

raccoon removal lisleOn the first part of the Lisle raccoon removal process we will inspect the exterior of the home to find access points and areas of entry. Then raccoon trapping in started to get rid of the raccoons dwelling in the attic or under a deck, stoop or shed. After the raccoons have been successfully removed we then can raccoon proof areas of entry with our high grade raccoon exclusion steel that is custom fabricated to the entry area. This is essential for lasting Lisle raccoon control, if not performed it is on,y a matter of time before new raccoons take over the vacant den site. If an odor treatment is done, it can be very effective in killing these attractive smells yet is not a solution as raccoons are very persistent and powerful. Once that step of Lisle raccoon removal and control is completed we proceed to the next step of raccoon control. An attic inspection is done once the raccoons are eliminated. Provided in our Lisle raccoon control services is attic restoration and raccoon damage repairs. This includes urine and feces removal, insulation restoration and damaged home needs. No matter what your Lisle raccoon removal need we provide quality Lisle raccoon control services. Call us today if your experiencing raccoon problems on or around your home.