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Glendale Heights Raccoon Control

Glendale Heights IL Raccoon ControlGlendale Heights, IL–  We receive calls daily on raccoons in an attic and are surprised at how long many clients leave animals in an attic before they finally decide its time to get rid of raccoons in their attic space. Our Glendale Heights raccoon control services are basically pennies on the dollar compared to the costs of attic restoration and insulation replacement after raccoons have destroyed it by walking around. Of course this brings an added cost of higher heating and cooling as the insulation has lost its ability to work. Our Glendale Heights raccoon control is not only essential for this but other issues as well such as feces contamination that carries a parasite roundworm egg called raccoon roundworm. After our Glendale Heights raccoon control is completed the removal of feces and attic insulation that has been damaged is usually a matter best covered by homeowners insurance as it does get pricey depending on the size of the area damaged. We of course have advocates available to deal directly with your insurance company in the estimate process so you can be guaranteed everything will be taken care of and done correctly with out corners being cut. After the Glendale Heights raccoon control process it is essential that holes and possible entry points be covered by proper animal proofing material so the area can not be damaged again by re-entry. If you are hearing noises in your attic and are concerned you may have raccoons living up there, feel free to call us today for a Glendale Heights raccoon control & removal consultation.

Glendale Heights Raccoon Removal

Glendale Heights IL raccoon removalIf you are in need of professional Glendale Heights raccoon removal we are here to help even in emergency situations. From getting raccoons out of attics to trapping raccoons in garages, sheds and crawl spaces we have seen it all with raccoons. Raccoons during the spring months have one goal in mind, to secure a safe spot to have their babies. Unfortunately for homeowners this means tearing open a soffit pocket, attic fan or attic vent to gain entry. Our Glendale Heights raccoon removal is a full service operation so everything from raccoon trapping, damage repairs, feces clean up and raccoon exclusion are included with our full service wildlife removal. Raccoon feces is very toxic and even more so to children and pets as they are the ones playing where raccoon feces may be. The raccoon roundworm eggs must be removed with the feces as they are not easily killed except by fire. With our Glendale Heights raccoon removal services we definitely remove raccoon feces and also damaged drywall and insulation ruined from urine. Once a raccoon lives in an attic the insulation is usually destroyed from a combination of smashing it and urine and feces accumulation. Thankfully since raccoons are not rodents immediately after the Glendale Heights raccoon removal process your home owners insurance will cover the old insulation removal and replacement. Raccoons can bust through a new roof or tear off vents so it is important after you have Glendale Heights raccoon removal done you take action and have raccoon control done with professional raccoon proofing. All of our raccoon exclusion comes with a guarantee and is done with very high strength steel, not sheet metal. If your in need of Glendale Heights raccoon removal services call us today!