Downers Grove, IL

Downers Grove Raccoon Control

Downers Grove raccoon controlDowners Grove, IL– When raccoons have entered your home, it can truly be a nightmare. Raccoons can really damage a home physically and also as a direct result of their entry damages. Raccoons are larger than a small dog so the entry point needed to enter your home surely allows in rain and snow at a steady rate. This rain and snow causes water damage and mold to grow from the excess moisture allowed inside. Once inside your home, raccoons will trample and smash your attic insulation. This insulation damage is considered structural damage and thankfully is covered by home owners insurance policies. Our Downers Grove raccoon control services are truly complete A-Z wildlife control. We provide raccoon trapping after your home inspection indeed determines you have raccoons dwelling in your Downers Grove home. The next step once we get rid of raccoons, is providing the necessary measures to ensure everything is done to prevent future problems.

So how do you get rid of raccoons and keep them out? We employ the use of steel for our raccoon proofing measures. We only use steel because if you think about it, wood and standard metal are the very materials the raccoon probably tore through in the first place to enter the home. Raccoons will chew right through a sound roof, tear off chimney caps and rip open soffits all within a matter of minutes. So when dealing with raccoon control in Downers Grove the highest grade materials must be used to keep them out. Our raccoon removal in Downers Grove comes second to none, in large part due to the fact we offer the level of raccoon exclusion services that we do. From decks and stoops to soffits and attic fans, we have NEVER had a raccoon enter through our raccoon proofing. We also take care to pay attention to aesthetic properties, as animal proofing should never be done just to keep animals out. It has to look great! Call us today if you are in need of raccoon removal in Downers Grove. We can help you with raccoon trapping as well as exclusion, proofing, odor removal, attic restoration and feces clean up.