Trapless Naperville Squirrel Removal Experiment
Posted on: February 11, 2011, by : Mario
Naperville squirrel removal
Heavy duty steel must always be used to keep squirrels out

Naperville squirrel removal

We had a recent Naperville squirrel removal call that brought us to a home with a squirrel entrance on one side of the roof and an exit on the other side. In essence a giant one way door system. We decided the best Naperville squirrel removal plan would be to set some traps in the attic and seal the entrance hole, leaving them free to leave yet not re-enter. After the entrance was squirrel proofed and traps were set we walked out the door. 3 doors down the squirrel army came marching as we stood and watched how they would take to the squirrel proofing. All 3 squirrels hit the steel grate and went in all different directions, going back and fourth in disbelief. We left with hopes the squirrels would follow the “skunk whispers” theory that wildlife could be removed and discouraged with out actually trapping them. Well that theory was proven wrong when this Naperville squirrel removal servicing ended with full traps and the squirrels entering the attic from another area. The project was ended with 3 Naperville squirrels trapped and 1 happy client. This particular Naperville squirrel removal servicing was actually our first experimentation with using exclusion as a primary means of wildlife removal and proved to be wasted time and effort.

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