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Naperville mice removal
Typical mice tunnel in attic insulation

Have pest rodents in Naperville you want to get rid of? We know how frustrating it is to get mice out of attics with out poisons and the store bought cheap wooden mice traps that mice seem to have figured out. Naperville pest control can be confusing when your in a time crunch to get the unwanted pests out of your attic or home. The smartest thing to do when you want to exterminate mice in Naperville is, don’t hire contracted Naperville pest control rodent exterminators to come take your money and place some poisons and glue traps in your attic to “get rid of mice” and just come check them every few months for a pay check. With our Naperville pest control we remove mice, rats and unwanted rodents with effective professional mice trapping that are baited with a scientific formula to have mice removed out of your home as fast and effective as possible. We are steadily gaining recognition in Naperville and the surrounding areas for complete rodent and mice control because of our work ethic and integrity, simply put our pride in our work is put before dollar signs and contracts.

Naperville rodent control and extermination

Naperville rodent control, Naperville mice extermination
Effective Naperville rodent control

Naperville rat removal is no problem for us either. We do home inspections to find out how mice and rats are getting inside homes and know exactly how to rodent proof mice and rat entry points to keep mice, rats and rodents out for good. Rats are great chewers and can even chew through concrete. How small of a hole can a rat fit in side? Rats can also fit into holes the size of a quarter. Rat control must be done very precisely since the intelligence of rats is so high. We take every step into making sure our rat control is the best it can be. Rat removal is done with rat traps only. Rat traps are highly effective when done correct and most pest control exterminators will not tell you how bad a poisoned rat that fallen down your wall will smell. Dead mice in walls smells horrible too, another reason our Naperville mice removal and control is done with out mice poison. If you have already set poison and a mouse has died, we do dead mice removal from walls in Naperville. When a mouse has traveled inside an attic mouse droppings are left behind as well as tunnels in insulation. High concentrations of mice in attics that need Naperville mice control will leave more holes then just a few mice living in an attic. The work we put into our mice and rat control is second to none and shows through our effective pest control for rodents.

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