Naperville raccoon control
Posted on: November 28, 2010, by : Mario

Napervile raccoon control and removal

Naperville raccoon removal

naperville raccoon removalHave nuisance raccoons gotten into your attic? We are the Naperville raccoon control authority for problem raccoons. We remove raccoons from Naperville home and have been servicing Naperville raccoon removal problems for over 10 years. We know raccoons can be a head ache with their powerful agile structure backed by intelligence matched by almost no other wildlife species. We know how to get rid of raccoons, even trap smart or trap shy individuals with advanced Naperville raccoon control methods. Our Naperville raccoon removal process starts with a property inspection to see where nuisance raccoons are entering, gaining access and if any damage or raccoon feces needs clean up. If you have a Naperville raccoon control issue call our office to set up an inspection for Naperville raccoon removal services.

Naperville raccoons

Raccoons have 3-6 babies usually born in April. Raccoons in urban areas will have babies in places from soffits to under sheds. Raccoons depend on litter mates to survive the winter, usually huddling together to share body warmth and going their own ways the following spring. Raccoons in the wild have a diet of crayfish, fish, frogs, small animals and fruits. Raccoons in Naperville have very few natural predators. Raccoons are great climbers, great swimmers, can jump very far and dig very well. Raccoons are versatile animals that can adapt to almost anything, which includes finding a way into your home to survive.

City of Naperville

As one of the largest citys in Illinois with generous amounts of forrest land its no surprise Naperville has its share of nuisance wildlife problems. Once voted one of the best places to live Naperville has a very diverse history. From Naperville farms to Naperville corporate headquarters, Naperville is rich with commerce. Naperville is divided by DuPage and Will county. Most of the residents that live in Naperville live in Naperville’s DuPage portion.

Living with raccoons in Illinois


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