Naperville mice extermination services
Posted on: December 9, 2010, by : Mario

Naperville mice extermination

Naperville mice extermination
Mice trapping beats mouse poison in every aspect

Hearing scratching above and wondering if you have critters in your attic? Well its cold out and most people are starting to realize mice are finding their attic nice and cozy. Most residents needing Naperville mice extermination aren’t dirty or filthy people. They simply have the perfect shelter from the weather and predators for mice and it happens to be their attic or crawl space. Now a lot of people ask how do mice get inside my home. Well sadly homes are not built sealed tight and upon close inspection before we perform Naperville mice extermination many small holes are revealed. These holes although very tedious and time consuming can be closed up to keep mice out for good. Now if your reading this contemplating calling a Naperville mice extermination company, whether you choose us or not beware of companies that ask for contracts or use poisons and glue traps. Contracts are just an easy way to make a buck and you should decide when you would like a check up secondly when mice are poisoned in your home MICE DIE IN YOUR HOME, if you do not yet already know DEAD MICE SMELL. Now if the mouse dies out side and nature takes its course as it has for millions of years a dog, cat or bird of prey will consume it and become poisoned itself. Glue traps usually are effective for a little over a week in normal home conditions with out dust. With insulation particles moving from the roofs ventilation and cold or hot conditions from winter or summer glue traps have no place in Naperville mice extermination services and is a blatant scam regardless of how well known the companies name is. Naperville mice extermination must be done by trapping and removing mice by methods of good old fashioned work. Trap mice, remove mice and repeat until the mice problem is under control. If you are interested in a home mice inspection in Naperville feel free to schedule an appointment for Naperville mice control services.


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