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Posted on: September 2, 2010, by : Mario

Opossum Removal and trapping services

Dead opossum removal

What has more teeth than any other mammal, is the only marsupial native to North America and has a foot print like a puzzle piece? Give up?

An Opossum. Also known as possums or to some grinners. Most complaints for opossum control are the smells they produce with their habit of bringing dead animals around homes that smell. Dead animals under deck many times  result in nuisance opossum removal from the possum dragging it under there, then at times from the dead animals opossums under decks like to eat they contract a disease and the opossum is the dead animal under your deck. Getting rid of opossums is actually quite fast with out head ache.

Illinois possum trapping services

how to solve possum problemHow to deter opossums from home

Now you may ask. How to deter opossums? How to get opossums to leave? Since opossum repellents don’t work, how to scare opossums away unfortunately isn’t a sound option or for any wild Illinois animal, opossum trapping is all it takes to get rid of possum. Of all animals in Illinois nuisance possums tend to be the least vicious and tend to be very laid back. Illinois nuisance raccoon are the most physically threatening while Illinois nuisance skunk are the most vile. Problem Illinois opossum removal should be followed by closing off all entry’s to potential denning areas. Although opossums are not physically strong animals. Possum proofing deck should be secur

illinois opossum control

How to get rid of opossums

If you have an opossum in garbage cans or think an opossum in attic may be possible, give us a call. We get rid of possum fast with out needing to exterminate opossums and have complete possum trapping services.

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