Naperville IL Wildlife Removal Solutions
Posted on: December 2, 2013, by : Mario

Cold weather is upon us and with that comes wildlife species seeking warmth. Usually for us in urban areas this warmth comes by way of our attics, decks and underneath front concrete stoops. Animals are just like the rest of us, they have basic survival needs and do the best with what they have to work with. They don’t have stores to shop at when they are hungry or a heater to keep them warm, so they will eat garbage, raid bird feeders and live in odd areas which at times include our homes.

Naperville raccoon removalWe at U.S. Wildlife care about the well being of animals as well as the humans they have become a nuisance to and for this provide humane wildlife removal solutions for all types of wildlife problems. We provide a full scale of services from wildlife trapping, animal exclusion and proofing, chimney caps, proofing of attic fans and vents, attic clean out and restoration, animal proofing of decks and stoops, dead animal removal, removal of animals from chimneys and behind walls, damage repairs to fans, broken soffits and fascia boards, feces removal and much more.

In Naperville wildlife removal, the most common animals we come across are raccoons, skunks and squirrels. Raccoons usually den under stoops and break into attics, skunks typically like to den under concrete stoops and squirrels like to find the highest most difficult spot to access to make a hole for entry.

Naperville Raccoon Removal

Our Naperville raccoon removal is quite a standard process unless the nuisance raccoons have become trap shy from previous attempts by an inexperienced trapper or faulty traps. Naperville raccoon control is almost always necessary after the raccoon trapping has been completed as lingering smells and a vacant den will just allow new raccoons to take residence. For our raccoon proofing we only use steel, one of the few materials a raccoon can not tear through unlike wood or mesh. Once Naperville raccoon control is done with steel, we offer 10 year to lifetime guarantees against raccoon entry dependent on the structure we are securing to.

Naperville Squirrel Removal & Trapping

Naperville Squirrel RemovalWhen it comes to Naperville squirrel removal, it is slightly similar to that of raccoons in that they enter in the same areas as in soffits and fascia areas and trapping is usually done on roofs. Squirrel control is also the same as squirrels can chew through all building materials aside from steel. We also advise in doing squirrel proofing after squirrel trapping is completed as squirrels also leave smell behind. Squirrels also being territorial will not enter when squirrels are present in the dwelling but will take up new residence once the squirrels have been trapped and removed. Squirrel trapping typically takes a week or so to fully get rid of problem squirrels and seal the entry point. Additional services needed could be odor removal and dead squirrel removal when pest control programs include poisons.

Naperville Skunk Removal & Trapping

Naperville skunk removal Skunks are like problem raccoons in that when they seek ground shelter they dig under sheds, decks, stoops and any other structure that can provide cover. Naperville skunk removal is usually highest during baby season and grubbing season but typically lasts all year long as skunks do not hibernate. Skunk control is done with the same steel grate used for all other animal species and is suited to the areas they enter to prevent future problems. Our skunk control systems truly are unique and second to none as we utilize a a fail proof developed system. If skunk trapping is what you are in need of, contact us today. We also provide dead skunk removal and dig outs from under stoops and decks.