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Posted on: September 1, 2010, by : Mario

dead squrrel

Dead animal removal

Naperville | Glen Ellyn | Wheaton

Sometimes Illinois residents come across a dead animal in walls or dead animal under deck or maybe need to know how to get rid of dead animal odors. They then have to call a professional to have the animal carcass removed, this is usually done when the home owner can not tolerate the horrible odor dead animals leave behind and after a few minutes online realize it can be a hazard to health as well. Dead animal removal is a problem that should be addressed immediately because the dead animal odor will only begin to get worse. Depending on the size of the animal that has died, will determine how bad the odor will be. A larger animal odor will be intolerable while a smaller dead animal will be more of an annoyance, no matter what the size, decaying flesh does not smell pretty. For example one Glen Ellyn resident had a dead raccoon that died in her home. The pest raccoon ripped off her attic vent and ended up getting stuck between the wall and a beam, an inspection was prompted after a large stain and an awful odor was emitting from her up stairs room. The odor persisted after several days of the carcass being removed with the stained drywall, the home had to have an odor treatment to deodorize animal smell on a molecular level. The removal of dead animals is not always an easy process, animals tend to go to a secluded place to die, unfortunately this leads to removing boards when a dead animal under deck is emitting odor or dry wall must be cut out in order to remove dead animal from wall. You would be surprised where these animals end up. It’s also very important to find the entry way of where animals are entering so animal proofing can be placed to stop animals in the future from entering. Areas where an animal has died need to be completely disinfected to prevent disease transfer. The disease passed to humans from animals is called zoonosis. The most deadly disease on the list would be rabies, did you know over 50,000 humans and over 1 million animals die from rabies each year? Other diseases spread by animals are tularemia, plague, monkeypox and listeria. If you smell decay and think you may have a dead animal carcass in your home call U.S. Wildlife Removal Service, dead animal removal is what we do and know how to get rid of dead animal smell too.

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