Naperville Glen Ellyn Wheaton Aurora Lisle; Nuisance wildlife control vs Pest control in the media
Posted on: September 6, 2010, by : Mario

Naperville Glen Ellyn Wheaton Aurora Lisle; Nuisance wildlife control vs Pest control in the media 

Naperville, Lisle, Glen Ellyn, Wheaton and Aurora Illinois area nuisance wildlife removal is becoming a big business. With the ever growing human population moving into areas once claimed by only wildlife, human and Naperville Illinois area nuisance animal problems are on the rise. With the growth of the Naperville area nuisance wildlife control industry comes good and bad. Regardless of some professionals opinions, Billy the Exterminator is great for the industry of both Illinois pest control and Illinois animal removal which greatly differ and will be covered later on in this article.

He portrays real life situations and shows what a day trapping nuisance animals and bee removal is all about. He also gets across the severity of how bad it actually is to have animals in your home and shows what the feces accumulation and animal damage look like. Most people have never seen a guano pile or raccoon accumulated fecal areas in an attic. Its astonishing how many people feel its a minor problem, with many people knowing of problems for months or even years. Some things, such as the “get down and dirty” areas of the problem animal trapping business such as showing feces removal are left off camera, are what some professional wildlife removal professionals view as not showing exactly what we do, however Billy is running a nuisance animal trapping business and when the lights and cameras are off, he still has a living to make from trapping problem animals and removing bugs and bee hives. He may as well spend his tv time drawing publicity to his company with just the entertaining content. The show is for entertainment purposes, its not a nuisance wildlife control documentary series. Bottom line, some content is best left to only entertaining footage that will draw fans and warm hearts on the view of the nuisance wildlife trapper, that may at times be viewed as uncaring toward animals.

Another up and coming show on nuisance animal removal is The Skunk Whisperer out of Oklahoma. The show is based on removing nuisance skunks, raccoons and squirrels by means of exclusion methods opposed to using traps because trapping animals in his message is inhumane. Well as a shed of light, unless you intend on spending thousands and thousands of dollars on a total animal proofing of your home, a nuisance animal that has already been inside will just go into another vulnerable area if it is forced out and its hole is sealed up. Word has it that he is an advid hunter and a menber of the NRA as well, so make no mistake he does not find the killing of animals wrong, yet again what is shown on camera is for the sake of entertainment and company name recognition. Unfortunately this particular shows message is nothing as close to actual effective nuisance animal control as Billy the Exterminator shows it to be. With the publicity people actually are recognizing this as a real profession and they are not a lone victim of nuisance animals. Some customers are shocked a nuisance squirrel problem will cost a few hundred dollars when completed, yet don’t realize an animal in your home is a health risk as well as a physical danger and a problem that will only continue to grow worse with time. A nuisance wildlife problem is just as, if not more of a need as if you need a plumber or electrician to come out for repair and those services usually cost double or triple compared to nuisance animal removal. And just as a root that has busted through pipes and needs digging and replacement will cost more than just your average rod out the same applys for nuisance animal removal. If you have a family of squirrels opposed to just one it will cost more. This is a profession and a service, just as any other.

Do it your self animal trappers

At times we get the “do it yourselfer” that trys their hand at nuisance removal. First off, you need a permit. Raccoons, skunks and opossums are a protected furbearing mammals that cannot be touched, trapped or killed with out proper licensing regardless of if they are in your home or not. Squirrels and rabbits are a protected small game mammals and can not be trapped by law with out a Class A trapping liscence. Second, nuisance wildlife trapping isn’t just setting a cage trap and putting some skunk or raccoon bait. If done incorrectly, which happens more often than not, nuisance raccoons either steal the bait or set the trap off becoming educated thus making the animal harder to catch and more expensive.  If you catch the animal or a skunk what will you do with it? Releasing in forest preserves is illegal as well as releasing anywhere else but on the property in which the nuisance raccoon was trapped and skunks must be euthanized by state law. Leave the profession to the professionals who are trained and licensed to take care of nuisance wildlife issues.

Bug squashers or Illinois pest control

Pest control  companies are popping up everywhere with their own trapping services. The difference between pest control which is rodent and insect pesticides and nuisnace wildlife removal which is animal removal, damage repairs and proofing homes, feces and nest removal and preventing disease spread is EVERYTHING. This would be like taking your car to be repaired at a microwave repair shop. They both repair facilitys just as pest control and animal removal are both removal businesses, however their expertise is vastly different. Many pest control companies just want to milk the confusion of people considering for instance, a raccoon in an attic a pest control situation, yes the raccoon is a pest yet the technical professional category in which it lies is not pest control. Their expertise is poisons and pesticides, in no way does this related to handling wildlife problems. The best advice in this category is stay away from add on business services and find a company that directly deals with your type of problem, not doing so can make matters worse costing extra money in resolving the original problem and the clean up of a non experienced company.
Nuisance wildlife control in Naperville Illinois can be difficult if its a first time problem. If you have any questions contact U.S. Wildlife Removal Service, if you are located in a different state we can refer you to an accredited company in your area.

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