Naperville Bat Inspections
Posted on: July 22, 2011, by : Mario

Naperville Bat Inspections & Control

Naperville Bat InspectionsBats are an amazing creature with a poor reputation for rabies for the very low percentage that actually carry this horrible disease. Bats in a home are obviously always a bad situation because of guano (droppings) accumulation as well as bat bugs and the obvious risk of rabies should you come across a rabid bat. When bat activity is seen, a quality bat inspection as well as a professional bat removal plan is absolutely needed as Naperville bat inspections and removal are not for the novice and hardly for the intermediate company or technician. The absolute biggest sign of a company that has no idea on what they are doing with bats is offering to trap, kill or exterminate bats. Many times have we come across homes that have had a pest control company set out glue traps for bats only to have a few caught and illegally killed. A comprehensive Naperville bat inspection along with a plan of action to be executed during the legal dates for bat removal is necessary for bat removal success. Our Naperville bat inspections are a 2 part inspection process inspecting the roof for bat entry points along with possible bat entry points and an attic inspection to access the amount of activity along with bat guano assessment. Once the legal date for bat removal comes, we start by sealing off areas funneling bats down and out of our one way valve system. Once the bats in attic are removed we proceed with sealing all possible entry points to stop any future bats from entering. Lastly toxic bat guano is removed to finish our bat removal process. If you are in need of a Naperville bat inspection give us a call today for a consultation.


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