Naperville Baby Animal Removal
Posted on: March 27, 2011, by : Mario

Naperville baby animal removal

When it comes to Naperville baby animal removal, no local company has the experience and knowledge we do. Baby animal removal is a very big task and executing the proper measures the first time are crucial in saving you from unnecessary costs, getting litters before they die and keeping cut out damage to a minimum. There are a few scenarios that we face during baby seasons. Animals in a fireplace from an uncapped chimney, animals in an attic and baby animals under stoops. In all of these scenarios both mom and babies must be captured.

Naperville baby animal removal

Naperville baby animal removal from under a stoop

Raccoons, opossums and skunks all like to den under concrete stoops. They are secure from predators, elements and provide a nice large area with out being seen. In the case of a denning animals with babies under a stoop the mother animal would need to be trapped and the babies dug out if not yet able to leave or the whole family would need to be trapped out as they exit the stoop. Baby animal removal from under a stoop calls for the most labor of Naperville baby animal removal scenarios because the digging and with skunks repetitive baby skunk captures and removals. Skunks can have a dozen or so babies!

Naperville baby animal removal from an attic

This is the worst Naperville baby animal removal scenario by far for any technician. Baby animals in an attic are always in the furthest spot accessible and usually being covered in fiberglass and insulation in a hot 120-130 degree attic is guaranteed. For baby animals that can not be removed by hand cutting must be done to extract them either through the soffit or ceiling. This is where high tech equipment becomes of value. We typically like to cut a small hole, insert a camera and find the nest for pin point removal. At times when going in an attic a mother raccoons eyes will give a clear idea of where the babies will be. In this Naperville baby animal removal case the mother is trapped and the babies are remembered and found. Baby raccoon removal usually is done by sound as well. Hungry baby raccoons will be sure to cry if mom is no where to be found alerting her that they are hungry. This makes for a huge break in locating babies.

Naperville baby raccoon removal

Naperville baby raccoon removal from chimneys

This by far takes the most skill when the concern of of catching the mother is mandatory. Fishing a mother out of a chimney on a high, steep roof with a noose and a cage trap takes a pro and nothing less to accomplish this. Raccoons are vicious animals which makes Naperville baby raccoon removal a very serious matter for experienced seasoned professionals. With an adult raccoon having more pounds per square inch jaw pressure then a pit bull care must be taken with every second of handling. Once the mother is removed the babies can then usually be extracted from the fireplace and finished out with a chimney cap. It is important to install a chimney cap after considering the smells left behind attract other wildlife thus creating the same problem all over again. Naperville baby raccoon removal from a chimney should also be followed by a fire to kill any raccoon round word eggs from raccoon feces left in the chimney.


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