How to get rid of nuisance squirrels in Illinois Q & A
Posted on: September 12, 2010, by : Mario

How to get rid of nuisance squirrels in Illinois Q & A

squirrel noise in atticDid you wake up at 6 am saying to yourself, “I think there are squirrels in my attic and start scratching your head thinking now how do I get rid of squirrels from my attic?”  Illinois squirrels in chimney or crawlspaces or other areas as well that have Illinois homeowners puzzled on how to get rid of squirrels from home. We have selected the most commonly asked  squirrel removal, trapping, extermination, control and relocation questions by our clients for squirrels that are in your home and need to evicted.

• I think I have a squirrel in my attic, where do nuisance Illinois squirrels get inside homes? What areas on my home are vulnerable to squirrels entering?

Squirrels in chimney or crawl space areas or squirrels in an attic usually enter from open dryer exhaust vents, soffits, soffit vents, facia boards, attic fans, peak vents and attic vents

squirrel removal from IL home
This momma squirrel climbed up a brick wall to have her young in an exhaust vent

• Your website says you have a guarantee. Does your guarantee, guarantee that all the Illinois problem squirrels will be removed?

The guarantee we provide is on any home squirrel proofing or squirrel exclusion work that is done. Typically this is the final work we do to ensure that new squirrels can not enter in the area other squirrels were entering, depending on the area this can be from 5 years to life. There is no guarantee from anyone that is legitimate that can promise to remove all the squirrels, if the squirrels decide to leave and come back in a new area a month later, who can predict that. With all wildlife nothing is certain except the things we can control to prevent access and entry.

•When are squirrels most active? How can you determine if I have a raccoon or squirrel in my attic?

Illinois pest  squirrel removal usually starts from noises heard in the morning when squirrels are waking up and going out to feed and play. They usually run back and fourth quickly, opposed to a raccoon in attic which sounds slower and heavier. Most clients say it sounds like pest squirrels in their attic are either playing or fighting, which at times if an intruder squirrel enters they will fight. We have found squirrels dead in a wall that have fought to the death.

How can I deter problem squirrels?

Deterring Illinois pest squirrels, just like any other nuisance Illinois wildlife is worth an attempt however hardly ever works since they soon realize what’s going on and become that much smarter to the game. Strobe lights have worked for some however the strobe can not travel into all areas of the attic space, the Illinois nuisance squirrels can simply stay in the soffit for instance to avoid the strobe. There is no pellets or coyote urine that work either, all you will do is leave urine smell in your attic possibly attracting more animals.

• If a squirrel is in the attic of my Illinois home, can I just seal the hole up?

Many people looking for the quick squirrel problem fix will see a hole and patch it, thinking that all the squirrel problems will be sealed away. Well they are correct, the squirrel problems will be sealed away however the squirrel problems will also chew a hole out in a new area, possibly into your living space or eventually die somewhere. Dead squirrel removal from a wall is an expensive time consuming process if you dont know exactly where the squirrel fell down the wall. Thankfully for camera systems we have a camera system that can see down walls to locate dead squirrels that have gotten stuck to eliminate the need for excessive hole cutting.

• Will a squirrel in an attic cause damage? If so, what type of damage?

Yes, as a fact over 30% of house fires are from squirrels chewing wires. They like to constantly gnaw on things to file down their ever growing teeth. If they are in your attic you can be sure your electrical wires are on the list for chewing.

• How do Illinois squirrels get onto roofs? What are the common climb spots?

Squirrels are fantastic climbers and jumpers. Any structure such as wires or tree limbs less than 3 feet away are perfect access spots. Squirrels will also climb straight up brick to gain access.

• I want to trap or kill a nuisance Illinois squirrel myself. Is that ok?

No. To trap, hunt or kill any protected species you need the proper permits and licensing. Squirrels are a protected small game mammal that has an open hunting season in which they can be killed. There is no open season for squirrel trapping in Illinois.

• How can U.S. Wildlife’s 5 day squirrel control package help me financially with my nuisance squirrel problem?

Trapping a community animal like squirrels can add up fast with per animal fees. On a per squirrel plan you pay for each service separate. Which means separate fees for initial inspection and trap set up, per animal removed, plastic monitoring service, resetting any sprung traps, re-baiting traps, re-positioning traps to new areas etc. With a 5 day plan, all of your fees are in one package price so you don’t have to worry about your cost reaching exorbitant amounts.

• Can I do per animal pricing and change plans later when my fees begin to reach the package price?

No. The package pricing is offered as a convenience and must be set up on the initial visit. It can be compared to an insurance program, only for wildlife management. Just as your monthly auto insurance payment can not be paid only in the event of an accident, this can not either. The total amount for our plans are cheaper than some single animal removal rates by other companies. We competitively shop all pricing and warranties to ensure we give the best possible service at the most affordable rate and a warranty that exceeds all others by using better animal exclusion materials. Some companies may be cheaper but as all else, there is a reason they can afford to be. We do not compete on price, we compete on quality and offer discounts and packages as a client convenience.

• When the squirrels are trapped how do you know that they are all out?

All entry points are marked at the time of the first nuisance Illinois squirrel capture. If the marked entry points remain untouched or unmoved for a set time frame, it is safe to then close all entry points before any other squirrels in the area take up residence in the unoccupied area.

• What can be done to prevent them from coming back?

home squirrel proofing
heavy duty steel must be used to keep squirrels out

Squirrel exclusion is a must after all the squirrels are removed. We use a high grade steel that ensures the area will safe for up to 10 years against animal entry. During your initial inspection you will receive an estimate for squirrel proofing all vulnerable areas of your home.

• Are there any effective squirrel repellents that will get rid of squirrels?

None that we know of at this time.

• You put a trap on a roof, won’t it fall off? What do you do to prevent leaks?

Our traps are screwed down to ensure they do not fall off yet are in the most effective areas to capture the squirrels that have gained entry. We go over all screw holes with a sealant that will ensure no water or moisture will cause any damage over time.

• What do you use for bait?

Squirrel baits range from peanut butter to commercial paste baits and are used depending on the situation

• How do you know your not just catching neighborhood squirrels?

IL Squirrel exterminator
Traps are set close to entry points

Illinois nuisance squirrels like other animals are territorial. We place traps in areas where squirrels entering will cross paths with the trap and be caught. In these areas, any squirrels that close to the entry point or point of access are aware of the entry and must be removed. No wandering nuisance Illinois squirrel just happens to be that close with out entering or trying to take over the dwelling.

• What if there’s babies?

We remove baby Illinois squirrels and their nesting as well.

• How many babies do they have

3-5 baby squirrels

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