Hinsdale Squirrel removal
Posted on: September 19, 2010, by : Mario
Hinsdale squirrel removal
Here Hinsdale nuisance squirrels found a home almost 3 stories high in a very inaccessible area

Hinsdale squirrel removal

Hinsdale nuisance squirrels have many advantages to aid them in moving in a home and making it very difficult for a squirrel trapper to perform Hinsdale squirrel removal. The majority of Hinsdale homes are very high and very steep. We encountered a pest squirrel problem in Hinsdale that had an entry point almost 3 stories high with uneven ground below for safe ladder placement. With a little on the spot innovation, trapping the squirrels became a little more feasible with the squirrel trap placed on a cedar board. The Hinsdale home had steep incline cedar shingles so trapping the squirrels on the roof is a better second choice option for this type of scenario. Trapping squirrels in Hinsdale is one of our service areas that tend to call for big ladders and safety harnesses to complete Hinsdale squirrel removal services.


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