Elmhurst Wildlife Removal
Posted on: May 6, 2012, by : Mario

Elmhurst Squirrel Removal

Elmhurst squirrel removalHas squirrels recently broken into your home? Many times we get home owners with noises in the attic that aren’t sure if its mice, squirrels or raccoons. Mice tend to scratch a lot on the drywall as they tunnel to the bottom of the insulation and move across the dry wall. Raccoons are far more heavy moving about slowly and heavily and at times creating loud destructive noises as they powerfully tear apart the attic. Squirrels in the attic are very fast moving running back and fourth also with scratching. Our Elmhurst squirrel removal technicians can identify the source of the problem usually within a few minutes of the home inspection. Our Elmhurst squirrel removal always starts with a complete squirrel inspection to find entry points, possible squirrel entry points and access damages done if any. Once squirrels are trapped and controlled squirrel proofing is necessary to stop future squirrels from trying to enter e now vacant den site. We only use quality materials that squirrels can not gnaw through which is backed by our guarantee. At times we are asked if proofing can be done before the Elmhurst squirrel removal is completed. This presents a few problematic scenarios. First squirrels inside can be trapped and either die and smell horrible soaking smell into wood and drywall or chew everything until they find a way out usually into your home. Also if squirrels are trapped outside they will create a hole to get back into “their” home. Neither is worth the extra problems or cost compared to professional Elmhurst squirrel removal.

Elmhurst Raccoon Removal

Elmhurst Raccoon RemovalWhen raccoons have broken into an attic a different set of problems await. Raccoon feces is a very hazardous problem as it contains the toxic parasite Raccoon Roundworm, a worm that attacks the central nervous system that has caused blindness and is toxic to pets as well, with only raccoons being immune to it. Our Elmhurst squirrel removal services specialize in getting rid of raccoons from attics and removing raccoon feces. Raccoons in an attic also damage insulation as they trail back and fourth smashing it making it lose its insulation properties also know as the R value. We offer attic restoration and insulation replacement services once the Elmhurst raccoon removal is completed. Just as we covered on squirrels, raccoon exclusion and proofing is an absolute must for keeping future raccoons out once they are all trapped and evicted from your attic. We use custom fabricated steel grate material to keep them out for good. Raccoons also present problems in other areas as well aside from attics. They live under stoops, decks, sheds and tear up lawns in search from grubs. Grubbing raccoons are a lawn lovers worst nightmare and an entire lawn can be destroyed in a very short time. Our Elmhurst raccoon removal has your needs covered when a grubbing raccoon has become a problem. No matter what your raccoon issue our Elmhurst raccoon removal and control technicians have your needs covered.

Elmhurst Skunk Removal

Elmhurst skunk removalElmhurst has long been a breeding ground for skunks even being referred to as for the amount of skunks around the neighborhood. Skunks are another species that will destroy a lawn grubbing for skunks. We have full Elmhurst skunk removal services ranging from trapping and removal to control and skunk proofing. Skunks present the same outdoor problems outdoors as skunks with the obvious addition of the horrible smell. One major issue causing the need for Elmhurst skunk removal is skunks dying under decks and stoops constantly emitting the odor for several months unless the body is removed. Skunk odor can penetrate almost any material and will soak into concrete completely bombing a home with the odor. We offer odor removal as a service once the Elmhurst skunk removal is completed as well as full dig outs with steel barriers underground to prevent future skunks from living in the vacant den. If you have a skunk problem that needs skunk control call us today for Elmhurst skunk removal. A technician is always around to answer any skunk control questions you may have.

Elmhurst Wildlife Removal

Along with skunk, squirrel and raccoon removal we also offer various Elmhurst wildlife removal services such as dead animal removal, bird control, home inspections for realtors and potential home buyers, chimney caps, animal removal from chimneys, animal damage repairs, snake removal, pigeon trapping, bird spikes, beaver and muskrat trapping, coyote and fox trapping, yellow jacket treatments, wasp and hornet removal and more. Call us today for Elmhurst wildlife removal.

Elmhurst wildlife removal