U.S. Wildlife DuPage wildlife removal report 08/10
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DuPage wildlife removal report

Crete dead deer issue -Over 600 dead deer! Can this spread to DuPage?

DuPage wildlife removal report
epizootic hemorrhagic disease deer

Crete IL has seen a massive amount of dead deer from epizootic hemorrhagic disease or EHD leaving a horrible smelling mess. Deer removal in Crete IL is best done by professionals because of the disease associated with the dying deer in Crete and disposal must be done in accordance with EPA laws. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources has been actively working on finding out as much as they can about the dead deer in Crete IL. The last EHD problem was back in 2007 killing over 1500 deer. So this occurrence is not all too new and the IDNR has a close watch on the issue so the likely hood of the disease spreading to DuPage county isn’t too likely.  More information on deer dying in Crete IL can be found on these links. There has been over 600 dead deer found in Crete IL.

Disease killing Illinois deer- Story here

WGN News story on dead deer in Crete IL

DuPage wildlife removal report

As animal populations grow, the need for DuPage wildlife removal skyrockets as well. Addison IL skunk removal is a growing need for residents that live in the suburb, Addison IL skunk control, is a lot more than just skunk  trapping, skunk proofing is also needed, Aurora IL bird removal services, are needed when bird nesting accumulates and Aurora IL bird control, is necessary for bird nesting removal of attic bird nesting accumulation. DuPage wildlife removal needs range from weasels to coyote and as many skunks, raccoons and squirrels that can fit between. Bensenville IL skunk removal, is large in summer months when skunks breed, skunk control in Bensenville IL, is best done by skunk trapping trained professionals. Bloomingdale IL skunk removal, brings in a lot of calls with skunk dens turning up all over under sheds and stoops. Burr Ridge IL raccoon removal, is very common on cedar type roofs, raccoon control in Burr Ridge IL, is commonly done with cage traps at entrances to the attic. Carol Stream IL skunk removal, is another demand with Carol Stream skunk control, calls almost beating other areas for high skunk populations. Downers Grove IL raccoon removal, is usually needed when raccoons climb on roofs, raccoon feces removal is a must because of the diseases it can transfer to humans. DuPage wildlife removal is very important with the long list of wildlife related diseases that can transfer to humans. Elk Grove IL bat removal, is done when August hits and baby bats begin to fly, bat contol in Elk Grove, is a need and must to prevent bat guano contamination. Elmhurst IL skunk removal, is done on the ground where skunks den. Glen Ellyn IL skunk control, to peoples surprise is best done by skunk trapping with sweet relish. Glen Ellyn bat removal, is increasing by lakes. Hinsdale IL bird removal, is something very common, bird nesting removal in Hinsdale, is done by hand bagging the bird nesting for removal. La Grange IL squirrel removal, is done up high La Grane squirrel control, is usually completed in a week or so. Lemont IL coyote removal and Lemont raccoon removal, are something we are doing a lot more of in Lemont wildlife removal. Lisle IL fox removal, happens a lot when fox become pests, fox control in Lisle, is done with humane fox traps. Lombard IL squirrel control, is becoming out of control as Lombard squirrel populations rise. Naperville IL wildlife control, is done at all times of the year, bats, bird, bees, hornet, wasp, beaver, raccoon removal, are all common in Naperville wildlife removal. Oak Brook IL raccoon trapping, has lots of residents safer with, raccoon control in oak brook very solid. Roselle IL skunk removal, is a popular need. Streamwood IL coyote trapping, is a very tricky service for these smart coyotes. Warrenville IL coyote trapping, is a booming need with Warrenville coyotes turning up everywhere. Westchester IL deer removal is huge, we are called a few times a week for dead deer carcass removal, Wheaton IL coyote trapping, was a big story recently with the FBI getting involved, Willowbrook IL wildlife rescue, is something always needed. Woodridge IL skunk removal has seen a rise with a skunk population drift across areas not populated before, skunk control in Woodridge, is done several times a week for residents needing skunk help.

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