Downers Grove Raccoon Control
Posted on: January 19, 2015, by : Mario

Downers Grove Raccoon Control

Downers Grove Raccoon ControlHave raccoons become a nuisance in your Downers Grove home? If so we provide Downers Grove raccoon removal services that include raccoon trapping, damage repairs, raccoon feces removal, odor removal, raccoon proofing and much more. Raccoon control in Downers Grove is usually a need in the spring time and late fall when raccoons are preparing to have their litter of baby raccoons and when raccoons are looking to den up for the winter.

We get rid of raccoons at all times of the year under all situations. We can even get rid of trap smart raccoons that know how to avoid traps. Downers Grove raccoon control usually consists of removing the raccoons with humane traps, placing marking indicators to insure no more raccoons reside in the home then placing steel to make the home and open areas raccoon proof. At that point if needed, attic restoration can be done. This is due to raccoons trampling insulation ruining its value.

Our Downers Grove raccoon trapping services are second to none in terms of raccoon trapping experience and most importantly our raccoon exclusion and raccoon proofing systems that we guaranteed from 5 years to life depending on the structure.

Raccoons can be a problem even outside of just going into attics. Raccoons can create dens under front concrete stoops, under wooden decks, inside garages and sheds, and also tear up lawns looking for grubs.

Call us today for Downers Grove raccoon control if you are having issues with problem raccoons in or around your home.

We also service the surrounding areas of Downers Grove for raccoon trapping and removal services including Clarendon Hills, Hinsdale, Lemont, Lisle and Woodridge. Contact us if you are unsure if we provide raccoon removal for your area.