Chicago Wildlife Removal Services
Posted on: October 19, 2012, by : Mario

Chicago Wildlife Removal Services


Chicago Raccoon Removal
Raccoon damage to roof

In Chicago there are many species of wildlife lurking that have adapted to the city life.  From coyotes downtown and an estimated population of 2000 in the greater Chicagoland area to hundreds of raccoons that over took a well used Lake Michigan boat dock needing Chicago raccoon removal, wildlife is surely growing and showing no signs of slowing down.

Dangerous Coyote Problems in Chicago?

Chicago wildlife removal problems typically consist of raccoons, skunks and squirrels with the occasional opossum that has found his way under the wrong stoop or deck.  Contrary to another Chicago wildlife removal company, Opossums DO fear people and will run before trying to attack. After viewing Chicago wildlife control web sites the information is almost all purely scare tactics and stories of fox eating dogs and coyotes jumping fences to kill male dogs and impregnate females. Aside from the impossible notion of foxes killing dogs, it may be possible for coyotes to do these things however very unlikely to ever happen especially with a healthy coyote.

Chicago Raccoon Control for Growing Population

Raccoon damages in Chicago are on the other hand a serious growing issue. Raccoon control in Chicago is a growing need for raccoons that have torn through homes to enter the attic as well as raccoons in garages, under stoops and decks. Raccoons can present a few dangers to humans and pets that call for professional raccoon removal. Raccoon feces is very dangerous to children and pets since they are more likely to be near the areas of droppings. Raccoon feces can cause blindness and even death if the raccoon round worms are ingested or inhaled. These eggs carried in the feces have been proved to be very sticky, durable for years and only able to be killed by fire. We provide raccoon feces removal along with our Chicago raccoon removal services for areas where raccoon feces has reached a dangerous level.

Skunk Control in Chicago for Small Populations

Skunk control in Chicago is not as needed as in the surrounding suburbs however is still a need when a skunk has taken residence. Skunk odor is smells somewhat like burning due to the sulfur content that it has to temporarily blind predators that are in pursuit. Skunk odor will pierce any material and is especially soaked up by concrete, usually being sucked right into the home its dwelling under. Concrete stoops are #1 when it comes to skunks taking up residence. We provide Chicago skunk removal in other areas as well though such as under sheds, decks and skunks that have fallen into a window well. We are asked almost on a weekly basis “How do I remove a skunk from a window well”? No a board is not the answer and a bad idea usually given by inexperienced people. Skunks dig to find refuge, they do not even have claws suited for climbing and will usually dig under the side of the well making it impossible for them to be helped ultimately dying in the well causing more of a problem to remove the skunk. Our skunk control in Chicago is top notch with many years of conventional and unconventional trapping techniques & experience. We can provide remediation for any skunk issue you are experiencing and provide skunk odor removal and skunk proofing as well.

Problem Squirrel Removal in Chicago More Serious Then You Think!

Chicago squirrel removal
Dead squirrel removed from wall of home

We all know squirrels are everywhere in Chicago, this is no surprise. What may surprise you is that squirrel damages are typically not covered under any homeowners insurance policies! So the longer nuisance or problem squirrels are present in an attic the more damage that will have to be covered out of pocket. Squirrels smash insulation making heating & cooling more costly, chew wires causing home fires and make holes that allow water to enter causing water damge. We provide squirrel removal in Chicago as well as the damage repairs and clean up services. Squirrels typically have 3-7 in a colony when present in a home needing Chicago squirrel removal.

Chicago wildlife removal is a growing need as previously stated however doesn’t have to be a severe problem when caught in time. Animals can be removed in as little as days with the home being able to be animal proofed immediately after removal.  Contact us today for all of your Chicago wildlife removal needs!

We provide professional Chicago wildlife removal solutions for squirrels, skunks and raccoons that have become a problem in the following areas;

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