Rare colored cross fox rescued in Burr Ridge
Posted on: November 7, 2010, by : Mario

Burr Ridge fox rescue

Burr Ridge wildlife removal, Fox rescueA rare colored cross phase red fox was noticed at Pleasant Dale Park District in Burr Ridge. The director of Pleasant Dale promptly had U.S. Wildlife Removal Service come evaluate the situation. The fox was too people friendly for his own good and frequented the play ground area for the pre-school on the property. After 9 days of attempts the fox had been rescued. The foxes problems were not solved there! Willowbrook Wildlife Center, the designated rehabilitation center for the area he was rescued in refused to treat his because the lack of knowledge on his color. Thankfully after phone calls a Palos Park wildlife rehabilitation by the name of Animals for Awareness took him in and got him to a veterinarian immediately. After evaluation he was found to have 4 broken bones from being struck. The full story can be found on the link below.

Burr Ridge wildlife removal

The Burr Ridge Illinois area if full of nuisance wildlife. Wildlife removal in Burr Ridge ranges from residents needing Burr Ridge wildlife removal for Squirrel removal to Wildlife removal in Burr Ridge for raccoon removal. Squirrel removal in Burr Ridge is often frequent because of the high number of homes with ceder shingle roofs. Squirrels can chew through these shingles easily gaining access to attics. Raccoons can easily get through these cedar shingles as well and have no problem getting through traditional roofing materials either. Squirrels seldom chew through asphalt shingles to get in to an attic. If your in need of wildlife removal in Burr Ridge or want to know how to get rid of squirrels in Burr Ridge or how to get rid of nuisance Burr Ridge raccoon, please feel free to browse our sight for our wildlife removal Q&A articles.