Bolingbrook Wildlife Removal and Control
Posted on: March 8, 2011, by : Mario

Bolingbrook Wildlife Removal

Bolingbrook is full of nuisance wildlife species such as raccoons, squirrels and skunks that need removal. Raccoons and squirrels in attics and skunks spraying under concrete stoops is enough to need Bolingbrook wildlife removal.

Bolingbrook raccoon removal

Bolingbrook raccoon removalBolingbrook raccoon removal is important because the amount of damage raccoons can cause in a short time as well as the parasitic feces that can cause harm to humans and pets. We have the know how to get rid of raccoons in Bolingbrook and do what it takes to keep them out for good. After our Bolingbrook raccoon removal  services we offer raccoon proofing, deodorizing and damage repairs. Many people don’t know once an animal has gotten inside the smell left behind is attractive to other raccoons. This means future problems if no proactive steps are taken after the Bolingbrook raccoon removal. At the very minimal raccoon proofing should always be done to make sure all holes are sealed. There is no Bolingbrook raccoon removal problem we can’t solve.

Bolingbrook skunk removal

Bolingbrook skunk removalBolingbrook skunk removal seems to be non stop. Many residents are plagued by skunks digging and spraying making homes smell horrible. We know how to get rid of skunks that have cause a problem with our Bolingbrook skunk removal methods. Skunks at times can be picky eaters or very trap shy. In instances like this we have to use alternate skunk trapping methods. After we have successfully performed our Bolingbrook skunk removal we have skunk proofing options to seal decks and stoops from future skunks trying to den. Our Bolingbrook skunk removal also includes skunk odor removal for areas of homes that smell horrible from the sulfur in skunk spray.

Bolingbrook squirrel control

Bolingbrook squirrel controlBolingbrook squirrel control is also a need we service. Many squirrels are known for chewing wires and causing house fires. For this reason home owners insurance usually doesn’t cover rodent related problems considering 30% of home and business fires are caused by squirrels and rodents. Our Bolingbrook squirrel control is humane and effective. We usually have squirrel removal done within a weeks time and offer squirrel proofing. Squirrel proofing is always important after Bolingbrook squirrel control to keep out future colonies from taking up residence. If you have squirrels running over head and need Bolingbrook squirrel control feel free to call us to set up an appointment.


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