Alligators in the Chicago River
Posted on: August 23, 2010, by : Mario

Alligators invading Chicago? Well not quite however 2 alligators have been spotted in the Chicago River downtown.

On August 6th The Chicago Herp Society trapped one of the Chicago River alligators, on the North Side of Chicago one of the alligators is still on the loose!

Crowds of dog walkers, runners and children gathered to watch the Florida native American Alligator. The Chicago River alligator basked on the bank soaking up the sun seemingly rather relaxed, as on lookers watched ducks swim by un-threatened.

Mario, 25, Operations Manager for U.S. Wildlife Removal Service says “The Chicago Alligator isn’t in a climate that promotes healthy eating. As reptiles get cold they go into hibernation mode, they need heat to digest their food. If they eat in climates too cold the food can rot inside the stomach and kill the alligator”

Traps have been set for the loose alligator and when caught will be sent to a more suitable habitat. 

Herpetologists believe that the alligators in the Chicago River were pets that “out grew” their welcome and were released.

Alligators in Chicago

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