Addison, Bloomingdale, Carol Stream, Roselle and neighboring towns are skunk haven for Illinois but produce other problem animals as well
Posted on: August 20, 2010, by : Mario

Addison, Bloomingdale, Carol Stream and surrounding townships

Addison wildlife removal during the summer months is usually skunk removal. Addison animal removal after skunk trapping tends to slow down a bit. Roselle dead animal removal keeps us busy with our dry wall saw and wall cameras as lots of calls in Roselle are customers needing carcass extraction. Roselle bat removal from attics with poorly animal proofed vents are what causes so many homes to have guano piles from bats entering homes. Bloomingdale squirrel removal is performed with cage traps baited with various baits that squirrels like to eat. Trapping squirrels can be done with in a few days if enough humane traps are set. Bloomingdale skunk removal is a annual occasion with the residents. Being in  the heart of the most populated skunk area there is no shortage of smelly critters moving in rent free on peoples property. Itasca raccoon removal calls come alot when mother raccoons have young in garages. Itasca Bird removal from attics take several hours as all nesting removed has to be bagged by hand. Roselle bird nesting removal has been as high as 22 bags full of bird gathered debris. Roselle bird control is best done with excluders placed over entry points. Carol Stream animal removal is a service we provide to residents as a convenience since local animal removal does not handle wildlife. Carol Stream wildlife removal is done by U.S. Wildlife Removal Service for mammals including raccoons, opossums and skunks. Lombard animal removal for beaver control may be a need very soon. Beaver damage in Lombard was seen off of North Ave and may be prone to flooding from beaver dams.

Lombard beaver control
Lombard beaver may soon become a pest

Villa Park dead animal removal had us out on a Sunday night looking for the body causing the residents to not attain proper sleep from the odor. After some cutting 2 dead squirrels who fell down a wall and died were found and removed. Lombard bat removal in high buildings sometimes needs to be done with a hydraulic lift for safety reasons as bats like to enter high tight spaces. Wood Dale squirrel removal is a new area that’s slowly beginning to call for services. Villa Park skunk removal brought about possible rabid specimens that had to be sent for testing. The tests came back negative for rabies. Wood Dale raccoon removal done with relish and sardines put alot of raccoons in traps this past spring as babies love sweet baits. Medinah animal removal is a new area for this year and only rodent trapping has been done here so far. However medinah wildlife removal is a need that is growing faster than traps can be set out for problematic animals that cause damage and break into homes. Since this is a new area we suspect Medinah skunk trapping will be the majority of calls for the area.

Nusiance skunks are demanding professional trappers
Trapped skunk

Elmhurst wildlife removal has been placed in the paper a few times for the sheer number of skunk trapping instances that have happened in the last few months. Elmhurst animal removal does not handle skunks nor do they handle Elmhurst dead animal removal needs since this is only done by Class A wildlife removal specialists that have passed a state exam given by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. Elmhurst bat removal is one of our favorite types of calls to go one since we absolutely love bats and are actively working with organizations to protect them despite a disease that almost promises to wipe bats out in less than 20 years. Elmhurst squirrel removal pushes to create a situation where residents have full squirrel control over the bushy tailed animals. 60126 animal removal is available for all Elmhurst residents.

squirrel removal
There arent many places squirrels cant get to

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