Another loose alligator in Chicago!
Posted on: October 29, 2010, by : Mario

7 foot alligator captured in chicago

Another loose alligator in ChicagoYet again another alligator loose in Chicago has been captured! This time the alligator was pretty large, in fact this alligator reached 7ft in length doubling the size of the two caught in the Chicago just a few months prior. This loose Chicago alligator had to be noosed and removed from the residential Chicago area. Loose alligators in Chicago seem to be happening more and more. Its obviously a case of extreme irresponsibility, especially the fact that an alligator cannot survive in Chicago weather. An alligator in Chicago is about as rare as it gets in the city for nuisance wildlife. In fact the number of nuisance wildlife encounters in Chicago is increasing however not as much as the surrounding areas such as suburban cook, DuPage and Will counties. Obviously alligators should not be owned by anyone in Chicago. There is no purpose to homing such an animal and more times then not are dumped off to die one they out grow their welcome and feeding becomes boring. When will the fascination with these large reptiles end? Soon I hope for the sake of the alligators.

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