Squirrel Control
Humane trapping, damage repair and prevention
Raccoon Control
Humane baby removal & raccoon proofing
Bird Control
Nesting removal, droppings clean up and prevention
Chimney Caps
Installation with 5 year guarantee
Wildlife Exclusion
Animal proofing for decks, stoops and vents


We humanely provide wildlife removal for all nuisance Illinois wildlife. Year around; raccoons, squirrels & skunks cause issues for home owners all across DuPage county. Winter months, mice become a major issue as they enter homes to stay warm. We are experts in getting rid of mice & sealing homes to prevent future infestation. Summer brings about wasps, yellow jackets & hornets. We take care of these issues with warrantied treatments.

Wildlife Removal


After animal removal is completed, the process is only half completed. Area's that previously had wildlife hold scent, blood, hair, urine and feces that are all attractive to other wildlife. Vacant dens are taken over in a matter of days to weeks. We provide guaranteed wildlife exclusion services so your deck, concrete stoop, shed, vents, attic fan, soffit's or chimney are secure against wildlife looking for a home to den inside.

Wildlife Exclusion


We proudly provide wildlife removal for our main service areas of Naperville, Lisle, Darien, Downers Grove, Hinsdale, Burr Ridge, Oak Brook, Warrenville, Wheaton and Woodridge. However our wildlife control service extends far beyond that as well. If you are in need of professional trapping services give us a call today to see we we provide wildlife trapping and prevention for your area.

Wildlife Control Area